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Gay porn star bio – William Seed

Meet William who has made his first appearance in a gay porn movies and is the deemed gay pornstar who will feature in the best gay tubes in the world. He has joined other stars such as Diego Sans, Aspen, Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Rapid and many more.
With his strength, the Games of Throne series could not resist working with William. The British series that features on T.V has bagged many awards. It is my imagination of Williams holding his big dick and waving it with furry.
Seed is handsome just like it is put. He has a handsome face that is appealing. Spending time in the gym, he has a body full of muscles coupled with a six-pack.
Additionally, he has a firm ass, powerful thighs, a well-built chest and a smooth face. This guy with wet juicy lips was destined to come and play with dicks. The five feet and inches tall dude has green looking eyes, light brown hair and an eight-inch cock that is uncut. In my opinion, an uncut dick has much to offer in chewing and playing with. Could that be your thought too?
The sensational gay pornstar has featured in one movie at With more movies expected from him, all we can do is wait for his hits.

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He features in the movies ‘Closet Peepers’ alongside Shawn Hardy and Alex Tyler. This movie happens to be their first at on a tube site.
It all starts with William Seed been in his underpants. His massive cock is easily noticeable. As he takes his underpants off, we are amused by his build body. Soon we are at his eight-inch dick. He quickly assumes a sex face, and as he ejaculates, the cum shoots out of his build body to the mattress. His friends who are watching lick the cum as he heads to the shower. Tyler and Shawn fuck wildly, but before they cum, Seed is back. He looks at them astonished. The next scene introduces ass to Alexy sucking William Seed’s ass. William then fucks Alexy at lightening speed, and within no moments he has made a cum over his face. This gay porn video is a sensation likely to be a contender in the ‘porno of the year.’
William seed who is a masculine guy boasts of a powerful dick. From his first movie, we can tell he is headed to be a gay star within no time.…