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This is Mike Tanner’s second gay men videos, his first one was ‘The Straight Man Part 2’, with Max Sargent, which has a great story line running through it. Mike is versatile with a seven inch dick, he is five foot ten inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has some hair over his toned body and is the mature man in this exciting movie.
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This movie starts off with three of their wives having a women only evening. They are moaning about their husbands not giving them gay men videos to watch anymore. The husbands all turn up and are told to go somewhere else and cook their own dinner. They all go off together with Brenner Bolton, who has also just turned up, and is the brother of one of the wives.
The gay men are hungry but Brenner whispers to Cameron Foster that he fancies a fuck instead. Cameron says no, but Mike Tanner overhears. He tells Cameron that he has also fucked Brenner once before. The two men can’t believe that they have both had gay sex with him. They look at Morgan Shades, who is covering his face, and realize that has also had Brenner.
‘Let’s teach you a lesson,’ Cameron Foster says, and they push him down on the floor.
As they gather around Brenner, they undo their zips and pull out their cocks, making Brenner suck on each one whilst he is on his knees.
Morgan Shades sits down on a chair and Brenner Bolton climbs on top of him and sits down on his cock, facing him. He gets his ass slapped and he starts riding on his cock as the other two men start sucking on one another’s stiff dicks.
Brenner gets bent over standing up, and they take turns in drilling his tight, hot, ass whilst he sucks on their cocks. The room fills up with the sounds of them all growling with pleasure as they feel his asshole clamp tight around their invading cocks.
He gets moved into another position, and, as he continues getting his ass drilled in the missionary position, Mike Tanner sucks on his dick at the same time.
Brenner Bolton is the first one to cum – over his body – and the others quickly follow, bathing his body and face with their hot cum.
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